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Brand Narrative



Your partner in crafting a compelling Narrative for your brand, highlighting your impact and aspirations.


Ben leads our work through Brand Narrative Media. He is a visual storyteller and applies his expertise in video production to tell the audience about the impact an organisation has through its services.

He has several years experience working across commercial projects, music videos and film projects such as Escape to Freight Island, Feel Good Club, Derbion Shopping Centre, and Manchester Golf Club. His work is award winning and includes self produced work which has featured at numerous film festivals. When not working on projects you'll find him at a Newcastle United match.


Emrys is an experienced project manager who leads on our client services ensuring that you get a product you will love. Emrys has a background in the cultural & non-profit sectors creating live events, media and research projects. He’s created numerous advertising and impact/evaluation videos for projects across the UK.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, the Institute of Leadership, the Institute of Directors and the Chartered Management Institute. Emrys holds an Executive MBA and will help ensure your marketing and engagement strategy benefits your organisation. When not working you can find Emrys walking his dog or watching theatre.


Olivia, our project lead, supports across all of our projects, from consultancy to operations. She maintains clear communication and support throughout a project. On set, she maintains transparent communication and provides support throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring that all stakeholders are well-informed and engaged. Off-duty, Olivia enjoys diving into a good book or two.


George brings a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise. He has a degree in Journalism and over five years of experience in various media platforms, including print, broadcast, photography, website, and magazine design. With a solid foundation in legal practices of content creation, George brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.

He plays a key role in supporting our projects, with his diverse skill set and commitment to excellence ensure that our team delivers top-notch support and innovative solutions to our clients. When not at work you can find George at the cinema with family and friends.


David brings 15+ years of development experience, he holds a computer science degree from the University of Kent and has worked on a range of projects with agencies and startups over the years - creating websites, mobile apps and deep system integrations.

Outside of work, David finds joy in rescuing foxes and other beloved animals for those in need across south London.


To be the partner of choice for crafting a compelling Narrative that deeply resonates with audiences.


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We look forward to hearing from you and creating something amazing together!